Cactus Creek Cowboys

cactuscreekcowboysbundle3DAt one time was titled Cave Creek Cowboys, but now is enhanced with added words and characterization…

Now it’s Starting Over! 

5 Hearts – Cave Creek Cowboy – The Romance Studio

“For all of us who love our cowboys this one is a story we can enjoy.”

4.5- Blue Ribbon Rating: Cave Creek Cowboy  – Romance Junkies

“CAVE CREEK COWBOY takes you on a wild ride of emotions as you become completely captivated by this story. The love between Holly and Ridge is so pure and true that they are willing to sacrifice themselves pain in order to save the other one from pain. Brit Blaise has done a great job in bringing these characters into our hearts and I will be eagerly awaiting the next book in this unforgettable series.”

The Road to Romance – unrated, but marvelous! CAVE CREEK COWBOY

“CAVE CREEK COWBOY is a marvelous story with surprising depth of characters in so little words. Brit Blaise has done a masterful job of creating a hero and heroine that the reader is able to quickly identify with, empathize with, and get hot and bothered with. Ms. Blaise brings the unique life of Arizona cowboys to life in this first book of her CAVE CREEK COWBOYS series.”

3.5 STARS – EcataRomance Reviews

“Cave Creek Cowboy by Brit Blaise is a nice story with some real potential to jerk tears from even hardened hearts…. If you are looking for a quick break to a trying day, Cave Creek Cowboy can deliver.

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