Cactus Creek Cowboy Dirty Little Secrets

Cowboy, Kyle Hansen is the black sheep from the poster-family for dysfunctional cactuscreekcowboyssingles1relationships. His relationship as a hell-raising womanizer began at the ripe age of twenty-one when the woman he fell in love with became pregnant after she’d cheated on him.

Since then he’s been on a mission to prove her right. He doesn’t deserve to find someone who’ll love him.

Juel Evans’ world spins out of control when she comes face to face with the only man she’s ever loved. This cowboy is unredeemable, incorrigible, and pure alpha-gorgeous. She wants him as much as she always did, maybe even more. Teaching Kama Sutra had always come easily until she’s coerced into using her ex as a partner foe a demonstration.

Unbeknownst to Kyle and Juel, family and friend from Cactus Creek have decided to get them together again. Just as it seems there could be hope, the Hansen family suffers it’s worse tragedy ever. Will Kyle’s family drama keep Juel from telling him a dirty little secret?

Genres: Contemporary/ Cowboys / Western / (Modern Day) / Series / Erotica / M/F / Novella

Word Count: 17,500

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