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A Sure Thing 
by Brit Blaise 


What happens when a sassy, savvy, plus-sized professional woman jumps out of her element and into the frying pan? Can she resort to cooking to get a shot at a sure thing?

Cara Thomas is confronted with her worst nightmare—the kitchen stove. For her thirtieth birthday, she receives the unwelcome gift of cooking lessons from her mother. Cara doesn’t care if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The only thing she finds interesting about a man’s stomach is a six-pack of muscles and she doesn’t expect to find them in the kitchen. Her best friend’s promise of hot sex with the chef, however, motivates Cara to take his class. But XXX-treme cooking?

Hunky master-chef Mike Nichols dislikes taking time to teach cooking classes, but when a local TV station decides to film the segments, how can he refuse? His partner and co-owner of the restaurant delivers the usual bevy of blonde-baking-Barbies for the filming…but one voluptuous redhead steals the show and maybe his heart.

In the world of desserts and love, Mike proves to be as bold and buttery as they come! He gives Cara a preview of what she’s been missing her entire life and she develops a taste for more. But is she brave enough to see where it leads…even when it involves cooking?

Sparks fly—and it isn’t the Baked Alaska!

 Genres: Contemporary / Romantic Comedy / Exhibitionism / Public Places / RubenesqueHeat Level: 2  Length: Extended Novella (38k words)



slayersinc (1)Slayers Inc. 
by Brit Blaise 


What happens when Jenna Bradley loses her lifelong friend and is bitten by a vampire? She decides to go after the vampires who killed Rosa, but comes head-to-head with a group whose mission is to kill allvampires…no questions asked. Even more difficult to swallow is her attraction for the man in charge of Slayers Inc.—a man who would take her life in a heartbeat if he learns her secret. If she had a heartbeat…

 On his mission to hunt murdering vampires, slayer “Coop” Cooper didn’t expect the distraction of a knockout firebrand with a penchant for carrying assorted weaponry. Jenna’s a loose cannon and he wants to get rid of her, not fall in love. Beside, he has secrets. What would she think if she discovers he’s a werewolf?

Jenna and Coop can’t fight their attraction. Hot sex, mysterious emeralds, vampires and werewolves, together in the rain forests of Colombia where vampires are legal and lawlessness abounds. But will they survive the heat?

Genres: Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Werewolf / Chick Lit / Action / Adventure / Interracial / Multicultural / Exhibitionism / Public Places

Heat Level: 2  Length: Extended Novella (33k words)



inparadiseTwo Weeks In Paradise 
by Brit Blaise 


Kim Stowe experiences rapture at thirty-thousand feet, and she has nowhere to go but higher when a handsome author agrees to give her two weeks of sexual paradise, no strings attached. Her dull academic life just took a drastic turn for the better. So much so, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to return to her old boring existence…until disaster strikes!

Best-selling author, Jake Forman, is falling head over heels for his new neighbor, until he learns she’s a pawn in the hands of his nemesis. He’s ready to give up on her, but his heart isn’t. Will he be man enough to forgive old wrongs for a woman he just met?

Genres: Contemporary / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Romantic Comedy

Heat Level: 
Length:  (17k words)



The Blood Club 
by Brit Blaise 


Psychiatrist Amanda Montgomery never dreamed she’d enter the infamous Blood Club on the arm of a handsome detective to see a group on stage performing sex acts for a full house. And her adventure goes from strange to bizarre when she becomes a reluctant participant of the show. Amanda’s medical specialty is delusional patients who believe they’re vampires…little does she know!

 As token vampire on the force, Detective Mark Philips’ position in the community and at work is already causing him no shortage of complications. With the vampire numbers growing disproportionately to the general population, a day of reckoning grows nearer with each passing second. Just when he thinks things can’t get worse, a sassy doctor and an old foe join forces to bring him to his knees.

Detective Philips needs to find a vampire-wanna-be assaulting visitors of the Blood Club. He doesn’t need the complications falling for the doc will bring and he especially doesn’t want an old lover adding drama to an already explosive situation.

Amanda’s dormant sexual desires aren’t just awakened, they’re roaring out of control. But when she discovers Mark’s ex is not only a vampire but a man, her new sexual exploits are some she’d never imagined. Can she handle the man-on-man vampire heat?

 Genres: Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Ménage [M/M/F] / Group Sex / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Voyeurism 

Heat Level: 3  Length: (14k words)


                                                                     Taking It Slow 

by Brit Blaise 


Pete Fusconi’s just reward for being a damned lousy friend plays out in front of his peeping eyes when he sees beautiful Misty Wilson clutching a pill bottle in her hand. Should he try to save her or is he just being paranoid?

 Misty’s inhibited world just got a lot more interesting. When Pete Fusconi does a striptease for her, how can she resist him when he wants her to do likewise? She can either wallow in her status quo or free-fall into the most exciting experience of her otherwise dreary life…

Genres: Contemporary / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places

Heat Level: 
Length:(16k words)



Wild And Wanton 
by Brit Blaise 


A magic elixir transforms Beth from a recluse afraid of her own shadow into a sex kitten stripping at a local gentleman’s club for one night only. But Beth is determined to make the most of her Mandy Minx persona and experience her deepest fantasies no matter how wild or wanton.

Nick is a federal agent hot on the trail of a counterfeiter. The last think he needs is to become distracted by a new stripper at the club where he’s working undercover. When Mandy Minx dangles his secret fantasy in front of him, however, what’s a guy to do? King Kong can’t resist the sacrificial virgin…can he?

Genres: Paranormal / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / BDSM / Voyeurism
Heat Level: 
Length: (11k words)



virginiamodelloguesThe Virginia Model-Logues 
by Brit Blaise 



Amber Heat Wave Contest 2005 Winner

What good is a runway model with a broken leg? When Gina Newman is offered a job modeling body parts, she takes the plunge. It’s either that or confess to her well-to-do family she’s broke. Later, when her parts are about to go public with her picture plastered on the box—er…packaging—she enlists her brother’s litigious talents to sue the sex toy manufacturer. Just when Gina thinks it can’t get any worse, she comes face-to-face with the lawyer representing her foe—the man who didn’t call her after the best night of sex she’d ever experienced.

 When lawyer Sam Collier heard Gina posed for his stepbrother’s company, he had no choice. Despite the death blow she delivered to his heart, he had to find a way to come to her rescue. Maybe then the up-town girl would finally see how a guy from the other side of the river can deliver…res: 

Contemporary / Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy Heat Level: (12k words)


Out Of Space 
by Brit Blaise 


Reduced to transporting frogs across the galaxy in a last-ditch attempt to live his remaining days with flare, Ballas doesn’t need a nerdy scientist to distract him. Ballas is out of space, no room on his ship, in his life or in his bed.

Sella only wanted a ride. The last thing she expected to find in Ballas’s embrace is a solution to save her planet…SEX!

Who knew saving a planet could be such fun?

Genres: Science Fiction / Futuristic
Heat Level: 
Length:  (12k words)


                                         Music Man 

by Brit Blaise 


After seven years, concert pianist, Ian Swift questioned if he’d ever get over the one who got away. Jade Thiele took a shy nerd to the stars, showing him what it meant to be a man. He still wants her, only now there’s nothing nerdy about him.

Ian decides to show Jade Thiele everything she’s been missing.

Jade thinks she’s content with her life until Ian gives her a repeat performance that rocks her orderly world. Yet, despite Ian’s expert persuasion, she doesn’t believe they have a future.

Will Ian figure out what’s holding Jade back before they both lose—forever?

 Genres: Contemporary / The Arts 

Heat Level: 
Length:  (11k words)


A Lady’s Lessons 
by Brit Blaise 


When Winifred blackmails her tutor, a century-old prophecy complicates everything. Faery sylphs and fallen angels, this proper English Lady’s sheltered life falls apart at the embroidered seams.

Behind the great haw hedges of Maythorn Manor, Winifred’s tutor makes her insides both prickles and pottage. Since he causes her internal havoc, it seems logical he should also produce a cure.

Fallen angel Charles accepts his assignment from the council of the invisibles, expecting it will be easy. While his human form is acceptable, his all-too-human urges are not. Winifred makes him want for what he shouldn’t, and his lack of restraint could destroy his future and hers…


Genres: Historical / Teachers & Students / Fantasy / Paranormal
Heat Level: 
Length:  (16k words)



Lady In A Box 
by Brit Blaise 


Lady Catharine Harcourt’s little journal not only contains her most secret erotic thoughts, but she’s rendered them into precise drawings. When confronted by four masked men who have possession of her artwork and a vengeful agenda, she gets the opportunity to live out her favorite rendering…Lady in a Box. She’s the lady and the four naked men form the box walls.

Her day started out trapped under the obese naked body of her dead husband, Lord Frederick, and ended within the box of four hard male bodies. If only she hadn’t insisted her husband’s servant masquerade as Frederick so she could be admitted into a questionable and clandestine gathering.

Arden Harcourt and his friends have a mission—make his uncle, Lord Harcourt, pay for his many sins against them. What better way than to give his uncle’s wife what she wants?

With Arden’s uncle bound and gagged in his masked costume, the four conspirators use the man’s wife in a sexual encounter more risqué than any of them have ever experienced. And while Arden believes he’s torturing a man he despises, the woman casts a spell on him instead.

After the erotic escapade, will Lady Catharine and Arden ever be the same again?

Genres: Historical / Regency / Ménage / Group  Heat Level: 

Length:  (14k words)



Wanton Warrior 
by Brit Blaise 


Tye and her beautiful sister need a miracle, but they never dream they’ll find it in a Tifcan warrior from a colony of misfits. When the family’s future is in jeopardy, they have nowhere to turn. A shapeshifter can’t hold the key to their deliverance, can he?

Cradon is a warrior with a mission. Not only does he intend to save his colony from extinction, but he also intends to win the heart of one of the Hajan sisters. When Tye gives him her virgin body, she opens his eyes to what he’s never had…love. But can a Metran woman ever love a Cadite man with a beast inside him?

 Genres: Fantasy / Shapeshifter / Science Fiction / Futuristic / Action / Adventure / Paranormal / Psychic Phenomena / Voyeurism

Heat Level: 
Length: Novella (18k words)



Fix This! 
by Brit Blaise 



When EZ finds herself glued to a furnace duct with a handsome repairman, she allows nature to take its course. It’d been so long since she’d indulged her sensual nature, what could it hurt? But is there more to this hunk than a quick fix to ease her desire? When EZ reads his thoughts, she thinks maybe she’s found her soul mate. Throw a little faery dust into the equation and sparks fly.

 Repairman, Jax, has been warned this isn’t a routine service call. He’s been told to keep his pants zipped or suffer the dire consequences. That should be easy enough. But when confronted by a stark naked woman and a monkey with a penchant for causing trouble, his best intentions are forgotten.

Genres: Contemporary / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic

Heat Level: 
Length: (12k words)


Galaxy Gone Wild 
by Brit Blaise 


The entire galaxy will never be the same when the long dormant and legendary enchantment is awakened by two unsuspecting inhabitants from rival planets…

Jada is a sensite master, who accepts a foolish commission to kidnap the emperor’s son and deliver him into the arms of another woman. She has no idea her impulsive act will change her life in ways she never dreamed possible.

Strom, the emperor’s son, is a rich and spoiled sensite warrior. He has a low opinion of women, layered with a growing dissatisfaction with life in general. When he finds he’s attracted to Jada, however, he has no idea he’s about to change his mind about everything he’s ever believed. Can he handle the heat?

Together, Jada and Strom create sparks barreling across the galaxy, whether they want to or not!

Please Note: Don’t miss the exciting sequel, Galaxy Gone Wild 2

Genres: Science Fiction / Futuristic / Ménage / Group / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Series

Heat Level: 
Length:  (13k words)

The entire galaxy will never be the same when the long dormant and legendary enchantment is discovered by a warrior giant and the woman he’s always wanted…The ex

citing s

Sequel to Galaxy Gone Wild

                             Galaxy Gone Wild 2 

by Brit Blaise 



Sex for three opens the portal to the enchantment, but can they handle the combustion when their number increases to four?

Sonya’s impulsive mission for revenge will alter her life forever, while Alphan is about to change his mind about everything he’s ever believed. He’s always theorized it would take three to open the portal to the enchantment, but he never expected the third entity in the equation would be another man.

Then yet another man to make up a party of four…

Genres: Science Fiction / Futuristic / Ménage / Group Sex / Contains Some Gay (M/M) Content / Series
Heat Level: 
Length:  (12k words)


Cave Creek Cowboy 
by Brit Blaise 


Amber Heat Wave Contest 2005 Winner

Ten years and a failed marriage make Ridge White question if he’ll ever get over the one who got away. Face-to-face with the woman who destroyed his heart, Ridge shows what makes a cowboy from Cave Creek so special.

When fashion model, Holly Turner, returns to Arizona, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to get back her cowboy. Overcoming demons from her past, Holly rocks Ridge’s world with a bombshell revelation.

Will Ridge let the past come between them or can they pick up where they left off? 

Genres: Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) 

Heat Level: 
Length: (12k words)



Another Cave Creek Cowboy 
by Brit Blaise 


Amber Heat Wave Contest 2005 Winner

Cowgirl Alicia Moore spends most of her time wondering when handsome Brett Coleman will finally notice her…until she destroys any change she ever had with him. It’s the kiss of death when Brett’s best friend catches her “in flagrante” with not one, but two men. Now Alicia can only hope for a single sizzling night with Brett. After all, what man would want damaged goods?

Brett isn’t sure what’s come over the girl who’d grown up following him around the ranch like a puppy. He learns firsthand, however, that Alicia is all woman, and he can’t begin to get enough… 

Genres: Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / Series 
Heat Level: 
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)


Cave Creek Cowboy In Vegas 
by Brit Blaise 


Tam is in over his head. For more years than he can remember, he’s carried a torch for Bobbi Jo. Now is his chance to show her she picked the wrong cowboy when she’d married his best friend.

Bobbi Jo goes to Vegas to see her ex get married again. The last thing she expects to find is love with another Cave Creek Cowboy…


Genres: Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / Series 
Heat Level: 
Length: (10k words)


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