Candy From the Past a Blast or Bittersweet?

60candyThis is a Christmas Gift from my son Michael, one that delighted me. What about candy from one’s past elicits such feelings of comfort, joy and pure delight?  Or as the initial bloom wears off, does it bring bittersweet nostalgia? 

I really hope if you’re reading this and see a candy that brings a memory you’ll take a moment to share. 

Remember the pink bubblegum cigar…that was a LOT of bubble gum!  Loved it!

I don’t remember Zots. Does anyone?  Necco was movie or occasional candy…and I didn’t like the chocolate ones.

Loved Turkish Taffy!  It was also a movie candy for me. I ate more than my fair share of Sugar Babies! 

60scandy13 This one gives me an almost reverent feeling. It’s still waiting…I couldn’t bring myself to touch it yet. 

I don’t remember having Teaberry Gum very often. I liked it, but I’d choose Juicyfruit.  And it reminds me of my stepfather(It was often in his pockets) which can mean memories at any point of an emotional roller-coaster ranging from terror to acceptance. 

If he was still here, I can imagine sharing a piece of this with him and watching his face light up.

When I was twelve we moved off of the farm and into a beautiful country home in a tiny village. The home had the foremost necessary feature for the purchasers…a great barn for the horses on eight fenced acres.  More importantly, (in my opinion) there was the corner store…my bus stop.

60scandy8 And each day as I was dropped off I was out of sight of my home which gave me a few minutes to explore the candy shelf.

I can see my hand reaching for a BUN! 

I can remember sitting in the family-room savoring every bite. It seemed so much bigger back then. I could make it last a long time.

And when my husband, Mike and I shared this treat a few nights ago, while I enjoyed it, it didn’t satisfy like it once had. I know tastes change, but is that all it is? Or have I changed? Maybe I don’t need sweets to tamp down and quiet all the inner turmoil? 

60scandy7I need to break this topic down into bit-sized pieces. 

The Sky Bar was another of my choices.  I’d go in cycles varying on which candy to spend my daily nickle. 

The caramel center was always my favorite of   the four. 

Once again, Mike and I split it down the middle and shared. He had an obvious and vocal reaction to the Mars, but not so much with this one. Maybe, he’d been like me as a child and purchased the bigger bar of candy.  And once again I was struck by how TINY it really was in comparison to what is available today. 

Some candies only came into my life through Halloween.60scandy11


I don’t remember these from the corner store. I didn’t buy them if they were there.

I don’t remember liking them much and as a mother, I wouldn’t let my kids have them.

My parent’s smoked Lucky Strikes. :-(

And going to the movies…while I didn’t go often…it was the place to get candy I wouldn’t find at the corner store.  And share candy with the other kids I’d gone to the movies with…my city friends.

What was your fav?  


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7 Responses to Candy From the Past a Blast or Bittersweet?

  1. Jack Durish says:

    Necco Sky Bars. Yum. I can still sing the jingle: “What flavor do you like best? You’ll find it in Sky Bar. What flavor do you like best… English toffee, yes that’s the one for me. Five pound fudge parfait, my favorite of them all… ”

    But, where are the Mary Janes (and I don’t mean marijuana)?

    • Brit says:

      Okay…I didn’t have a clue! So it was English Toffee that was my favorite then. Wow! Thanks for sharing. No Mary Janes in the box…

  2. Brenda says:

    What a laugh, the chocolate Neccos were and still are my favs. You can buy them at Hobby Lobby at the checkout.
    I lived in Canada as a kid and any commercials I saw from Detroit were fantastic. Candy of all kinds that weren’t available in Canada !(boo hoo)
    luved the look of Good n Plenty that bright pink and white. yum. Now they are my treat (occasionally)

  3. Mona Karel says:

    Black Jack gum. My husband loved the stuff. No idea why!
    I think the old candies don’t taste as good now because our taste buds have grown up. We’re used to stronger flavors, though I could sure go for some Mary Jane’s right now, and there was another crispy nougat candy, can’t remember it right now.
    Nothing beats home made candy, um yummy

  4. How nice of your son to give you a box of memories!

    As a kid, I didn’t get much candy or money to buy it. However, I do remember candy necklaces, the wax pops, Jaw Breakers and Pixy Stix (my fav). We weren’t allowed the candy cigs, but I loved Teaberry gum. Still do. And Clove Gum.

    Nice memories.

  5. Laurel Lasky says:

    That sure brings back memories. We had a candy store near the bus stop. It had oodles of penny candy. Wax lips and mustaches, paper strips of buttons, chocolate babies, tiny pie with a tiny spoon, ( today it would probable be for cocaine). A three musketeers was 5 cent and so big. I loved Turkish taffy, probably why I had so many cavities.
    Today a bar of Turkish taffy is $.1.50 and I wouldn’t dare try it, I might lose my remaining teeth, but it’s tempting.

    • britb says:

      Even though I lived in the country, my house was in small village of about 20 houses in four different directions. And I, too, had the great fortune of having the nickel candy bar with other treats being even less.

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