How is Amazon treating YOU lately? #salesfigures

Money TreeThere isn’t a single day that I don’t hear about the problems my author friends suffer. One mentioned this week that she has to look for a full-time job, and wonders if her writing will even survive. That was a common thread this week.

So many authors have seen their both their publisher royalties and self-publishing profits cut in half or more. One very successful self-published author admitted she’s never had such low Amazon royalties. Her popular BDSM self-published series put her on the New York Times and USA Today’s Best Sellers lists. You might wonder how an author can make prestigious lists, but not make money.

Some authors are prolific enough to keep up a steady flow of books which helps keep their income up enough to survive.

When Amazon instituted their Kindle Unlimited…many saw it as a way to sell more books. However, if an author sells a book using Kindle Unlimited, they can’t sell the book to ANY other vender, Nook, ARe, and so on…it’s Kindle only…period. To me that smacks of Amazon trying to monopolize the world of books. I tried it once when I first started self-publishing, but the book didn’t sell any better than when it wasn’t KDP.

In August, when the program rolled out, my royalties tanked. I went from steady income to sporadic sales overnight. With the release of Unconditional Surrender, I’ve seen an increase with the Cactus Creek Cowboy Series, which was rockin’ the best sellers list for months., but I have little confidence it will last.


Amazon 99¢                Amazon $1.79                  Amazon $2.99

With Amazon sales beyond our control, one would think that would be enough to worry about. Nope.

Day to day living can be a bigger pain in the ass than Amazon.

I’m having a negative day. I don’t have them often, but when I do, I empathize with people who suffer from depression. I’ve lost track of how many authors I know who battle this horrific demon.

So many authors are fighting cancer, as I am. My battle with cancer began with losing my younger sister in the fall of 2000. Next, my dear aunt, Momma Mary, was diagnosed. She lived to see her 87th birthday, but living in a nursing home broke her heart and spirit. My mother came next in 2005. They operated and got the cancer, but she died months later with another problem. In 2006, my daughter was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer when she had three children ranging from two months to five years. We came so close to losing her. Then in 2011, it was my turn. After a decade of living with cancer in my life, it didn’t surprise me. The illness of loved ones is a big stress.

I haven’t had time to write when I wasn’t dealing with cancer in my life. I often wonder how this affects my stories.

Life isn’t easy. Many have a daily fight; illness, bills, jobs, bosses who make the job miserable, not being able to fine work, family, relationships, children, homelessness, war and the list goes on and on. Getting lost while reading a good book is a slice of heaven on earth.

I’ve been very thankful that I’ve been able to keep writing. Now if Amazon would just stop messing with the algorithms and everything else they can get their hands on.

As I see it…iStock_000001477024XSmall

Amazon kills 70% royalties for authors who won’t play ball …

Amazon Will Slash Your Royalties! – A Newbie’s Guide to …


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Amazon Sale at 99¢ to Make Me a Liar #UnconditionalSurrender

bundlewnwamesAmazon marked the book up to $2.99 and then put it on SALE for 99¢.

Now, I’m keeping my mouth shut!

I have no idea how long this will last.

I don’t get why they pick random books to mark down. This is Kindle only in the United States…everywhere else Unconditional Surrender has gone to $2.99. So if you were sitting on the fence about this one. Better jump off fast!

I evidently lied when I said you wouldn’t find it for 99¢ today!


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Tuesday is Here an USAmamzon is having a sale

MilitaryBundle_3Dboxset1Hurry before you are too late to get the 99¢ Promo price!

Amazon US  Last time I checked, this was marked up to $2.99 and then put on sale by Amazon for 99 cents.

Amazon UK






Kerry Adrienne, Annabeth Albert, Keira Andrews, Brit Blaise, Cassandra Carr, Lia Davis, Sasha Devlin, Rhi Etzweiler, Lucy Felthouse, Amelia C. Gormley, Cat Grant, EM Lynley, L.A. Witt


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Giveaways Galore #Unconditional Surrender

Money TreeThe Prizes are listed here and feel free to click through at any time!

CLICK HERE for rafflecopter prizes! I’ve had more “click here”, but they all take you to the same place…to ALL the prizes!


Cat Grant: Special Unconditional Surrender swag pack, featuring a T-Shirt and fridge magnets.

Lucy Felthouse: Winner’s choice of one backlist title.    CLICK HERE 

Lia Davis: Winner’s choice of one backlist title.

Cassandra Carr: Winner’s choice of one backlist title.    CLICK HERE 

Brit Blaise: 2 Boxed Sets of Cactus Creek Cowboys Volumes I & II and a “Got Cowboy” pin or magnet.

Kerry Adrienne: Winner’s choice of one backlist title.

Annabeth Albert: $10 Amazon or Starbucks Gift Certificate, and choice of Campus Cravings or Going for Gold

Keira Andrews: Winner’s choice of one backlist title. CLICK HERE

Rhi Enzweiler: Winner’s choice of one backlist title.

Sasha Devlin: Choice of $15 Amazon, or B&N or ARe Gift Certificate.

Amelia C Gormley: Winner’s choice of one backlist title.  CLICK HERE

EM Lynley: Winner’s choice of an eBook in The Delectable or Precious Gems Series

On Tuesday Ocober 21st, the price of Unconditional Surrender goes up from 99¢ to $2.99, please hurry!


Amazon US
Amazon UK

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13 Author Boxed Set Only 5 More Days at 99 Cents #UnconditionalSurrender

blurbpicTime is running out to get your copy at a reduced rate!

$2.99 on October 21st

Amazon US

Amazon UK





Kerry Adrienne, Annabeth Albert, Keira Andrews, Brit Blaise, Cassandra Carr, Lia Davis, Sasha Devlin, Rhi Etzweiler, Lucy Felthouse, Amelia C. Gormley, Cat Grant, EM Lynley, L.A. Witt



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