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Never give up!Don’t even think about it!

Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter your mind.

Think about what you want…think about it ALL the time. Send yourself positive messages of healing, love, accomplishment, family, financial success, or anything your heart desires.

It’s the little things that can add up…don’t waste a single moment in despair, aggravation, worry or any other negative emotion.

Shit happens.

Take a deep breath and keep going.

How you deal with whatever complication you encounter is completely up to you.  One day that what you thought was a hellish nightmare might not have been so bad after all.  It’s possible you will look back in time and remember the hard days as the “good times”.  Certainly not everything, but many…

Don’t allow a single second of doubt keep you from your goals.  Be specific about what it is you want. Make certain everyone in your life is as invested in your goals as you are. And be loyal to the goals of others in your life.

Is there a douche bag in your life making you unhappy or distracting you from staying positive? Distance yourself.

Life is too precious to waste!

Even if that douche bag is a related to you… It can happen. Even those who are supposed to love us the most can be negative millstones around our neck, dragging us down.

What prompted this post? I’ve been listening to the negative crap on Facebook. And I’ve been enjoying the positive posts on Facebook…where I saw a fellow writer post the simple phrase NEVER GIVE UP!

My goals are easy…primary goal…be HAPPY and secondary…get all those many, many books back up again. So far the chemo hasn’t been so bad this time…now if I could just get over my perfectionist tendencies! I’m hoping to have my first book loaded this week.  But I won’t be unhappy if it doesn’t happen.

I wrote this post on Oct, 5th 2013 and hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t look at it.  I guess I’m not the only one who sees how empowering it is to NEVER GIVE UP!  I’m smiling as I’m writing this…

One of the best friends in life is my critique partner and fellow writer Tina Gerow. She’s had her feet held to the fire along side me. For the last three years we’ve battled side-by-side with critical illness. Both of us have enough unpaid medical bills to wall paper a room, or maybe several rooms. We do the best we can with what we have…and we keep writing. Both of us are ever hopeful that one day we’ll have a book catch fire with the readers.

P.S My sense of immediacy when I wrote this was another bad diagnosis…just when I didn’t think it could get any worse. So I was in a rush to get my books back out while I was still able.

Post Script on Feb 20th: This was written FIVE months after I wrote this original post:

I’ve had 9 views on this post just today and it’s early afternoon. I finally got that first book published and now I’m on #6. CACTUS CREEK COWBOY is the latest.  On Facebook today, a New York Times Bestseller, Jennifer Ashley recommended it to her readers. That really rocks!

I’m hanging on with the chemo…same treatments that I spoke about in October. Thanks for stopping by…

Since October I’ve published five 99¢ books…yep, 99¢ is not paying those bills yet. :-) But I’ll NEVER GIVE UP!

Now here it is April 20th 2014 and My Cactus Creek Cowboys are still on the bestselling list at AMAZON, 10 weeks after the first one came out and 6 weeks after the second one…and the reviews are coming in positive! NEVER GIVE UP!



And I had a release from Ellora’s Cave in early April:
Waltz with a Lawman

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Nobody told me THIS sad fact about self-publishing! #headbanging #needletomyeye

playingdoctorI have the cover.

I have the edited, proofed, and ready-to-go manuscript.

I have my daughter here who has previously loaded books on Amazon, so I have help!

I have $h!t for brains!

Instead of just DOING IT…I’ve decided I need another scene. Too make matters much worse it has to be a SEX scene…the hardest, most arduous, and torturous scene to write right.

I can’t convince myself otherwise.

I’m worried that this could be foretelling of my self-publishing future…always striving for better and not being able to leave well enough alone.  Working with a publishing house this never came up.   Once an editor pronounced a story done, I was okay.  I might have wanted to make a change here and there, but NO WAY.   I just accepted the stories as done…44 times.

Who knew I’d be the worse possible editor to work for?  I want to fire myself!

This was written BEFORE I self-published my first book. Playing Doctor has sold fairly well, but not like my cowboy stories. I still have an editor, and yet I find errors in every story I’ve written. Most of my stories have had more than one editor, plus members of my critique group who have looked at them. What is the key to having that perfectly edited book?  I don’t know. I haven’t discovered it yet.

Two of the three Cactus Creek Cowboys book have been on Amazon bestseller lists for over two months. I always intended to raise the price (just a little) of the first two after I started releasing the singles. This too has been a learning experience. I’ve written “Limited” time at 99¢, so I guess one of these days I’ll just DO IT. I’ll follow my plan which was to have Cactus Creek Cowboys Volume 1 @ $2.99, Cactus Creek Cowboys 2 @ $1.99 and all the Singles at 99¢

However, right now they are all still at 99¢ and selling like hotcakes! Pick one up while it’s still available at the reduced price!


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Authors Live or Die from Reader Support


A few weeks ago New York Times Best Selling Author Jennifer Ashley shared this on Facebook with her fans! To a say I was over-the-moon was an understatement!

Jennifer Ashley

Lately, I’ve been reading more books that both start and end with a note to the readers.

Each reader who speaks up when they read a book they like is a special gift to the author.  The world of publishing is in a state of flux. A novella that once was with an  ePublisher for $4.99 gets complaints if it’s more than 99¢

An author has to sell a boatload of books at 99¢ to make a living. What can YOU, as the reader do to help keep your author writing the stories you like to read?

Recommend it…to friends and family , to discussion boards, to reader’s groups, and then proudly tell the author how you’ve helped.

Tweet it.cactuscreekcowboysbundle3D

Mention it on Facebook, Google +, Goodreads, anywhere your keyboard allows you to go.

Review it. The site where you purchased the book more than like has a place where you can leave reviews. It’s a sad fact that it’s human nature to complain when something is disliked much faster than to give kudos for something that’s enjoyable.

cactuscreekcowboysbundle2-3DLend it.  I enable lending for most of my books with Kindle.

The reality is WE NEED YOU!


Amazon LINK

My latest Cactus Creek Cowboy; Dirty Little Secretscactuscreekcowboyssingles1

Cowboy, Kyle Hansen is the black sheep from the poster-family for dysfunctional relationships. His relationship as a hell-raising womanizer began at the ripe age of twenty-one when the woman he fell in love with became pregnant after she’d cheated on him. Since then he’s been on a mission to prove her right. He doesn’t deserve to find someone who’ll love him.

Juel Evans’ world spins out of control when she comes face to face with the only man she’s ever loved. This cowboy is unredeemable, incorrigible, and pure alpha-gorgeous. She wants him as much as she always did, maybe even more. Teaching Kama Sutra had always come easily until she’s coerced into using her ex as a partner foe a demonstration.

Unbeknownst to Kyle and Juel, family and friend from Cactus Creek have decided to get them together again. Just as it seems there could be hope, the Hansen family suffers it’s worse tragedy ever. Will Kyle’s family drama keep Juel from telling him a dirty little secret?

Genres: Contemporary/ Cowboys / Western / (Modern Day) / Series / Erotica / M/F / Novella

Word Count: 17,500 LINK  @99¢


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The Golden Horses Sought by Kings and Queens #Waltz @Ellorascave

P1010314In Waltz with a Lawman, Lee Moore bred Palomino’s. This is something I know a little about. The horse above belonged to my uncle and is at the family horse farm where I was raised. His name is Pal. And he was magnificent to behold! He made beautiful babies!

A herd of Palominos would have been a marvelous thing to see in 1882. I saw small herds as a child. However, with the passing of my sister’s horse, a descendant of Allen’s Golden Zepher, later known as Trigger Jr., owned by Roy Rogers, I haven’t seen another as magnificent. The Palominos were my family history…

P1010313They brought movie stars to our farm. The one in this picture was Alan Hale Jr of Gilligan’s Island fame.

He autographed the head of a rubber doll I owned. I never particularly liked dolls, the writing on her forehead made me like her even less.

However, I remember how excited Daddy Jim was to have him visit the farm to see the Palominos. I think I mentioned before, Daddy Jim was even invited to bring his prize Palominos to the Rose Bowl Parade. I was too young to realize how fantastic living among the dream horses of kings and queens was. I took it for granted.

P1010310This is Cowboy Don (As we lovingly and teasingly referred to my step-father) showing one of Daddy Jim’s horses. I wish the picture was in color so you could see the rich golden color and sparkling white manes and tails.

The upkeep of those manes and tails is something I remember even though I must have been between 3-5. It was a long process that included Cheer Blue  (50′s) detergent which worried me would turn their manes and tails blue. P1010308P1010308P1010317

And my Mom and Dad rode matched sets with silver trappings like the pic above of Alan Hale Jr and his (wife)?

Mom hadn’t married Cowboy Don at the time this picture was taken. And after she was married she stopped riding. I always wondered why. However, now as I look closely at her face in the pictures, she seemed uncomfortable. Notice how her horse’s ears are back? I don’t think either of them were too happy.

In Waltz with a Lawman, I made the comment about Lee’s horses being “Sunday” horses…meaning on Sunday-go-to-meeting, the best were brought out of the barn. Actually, I understated it. These horses would have been sought after and renown. They certainly were in my lifetime! It was Lee’s claim to fame, but he was a modest man, who loved his animals with his whole heart.

Palomino’s aren’t a breed. They are a color. In my mind Lee’s herd descended from a Copper Bottom mare from Kentucky and were a mix of Standard Bred, Tennessee Walker. Thoroughbred and maybe Morgan.

Waltz with a Lawman is sexy, but it’s also a heartfelt tale…give it a try while it’s still on sale! Ellora’s Cave or Amazon or Nook


LINK to my bestselling Cowboys on Amazon…still on the bestseller lists after two months!


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For The Love of a Good Cowboy What Would a Woman Do? #Erotica

cactuscreekcowboyssingles1Rejection is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. I had a good friend who was still in love with her ex after ten years. My own mother carried a torch for my father and I don’t think she ever really got over losing him.

I love to fulfill unrequited lover’s dreams. I don’t always make it easy for them, but I give them the happily-ever-after everyone wants and deserves. IMHO. I think the reason many people, who get back together with their exs only lack the opportunity to discover the truth.

Dirty Little Secrets is a story of unrequited love. And bringing a cowboy home where he belongs!

Who doesn’t have a story or know someone who has pined for an ex?

Dirty Little Secrets only 99¢


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