Cover Reveal for the Soon to be Released Slayers INC #erotica

slayersinc (1)Slayers INC …It’s coming! I’m working hard. I so much wanted to get it out before my next (damned) chemo treatment. I have two days after the treatment before I start feeling like crap…maybe I can make it happen!

Paranormal Action Adventure,





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A Good Time To Be Self-Published? #USATODAYbestseller #NYTimesBestseller


I wrote this original post on June 7th, 2013…over a year ago.

At the time as you can see from what I wrote, of the 25 New York Times Bestsellers, 3 (three) were self-published.  Cancer kept me busy, so I stopped consistently checking the lists for self-published books.

Recently, I started looking again…and what I found wasn’t pretty for self-published books.  In point of fact, I discovered a statement that explained why there were none on NYT List.

Quote: “Among the categories not actively tracked at this time are: perennial sellers, required classroom reading, textbooks, reference and test preparation guides, journals, workbooks, calorie counters, shopping guides, comics, crossword puzzles and self-published books.”

So that explains that…

What about the USToday BestSellers List?  Self-published books are conspicuously absent, but I couldn’t find a public statement like the one above. Over a year ago…there were 18 books…today I found 1.  I think I need to write to ask them if they’ve changed their policy and aren’t being upfront about it like the NYTimes.

Previous Post: June 7, 2013

Last evening I looked at both the USA Today Bestseller list and the New York Times Bestseller lists.

It isn’t something I do often.

However, if I go there, I stay to see how many of those on the lists are self-published.  I know.  I know.  Here I go again…flapping my gums about something I haven’t done.  I’d planned on doing it.  Really.

As luck would have it…or extreme badluck…I have to start taking this option more seriously.  But I’ll talk about that another time.

What I want to talk about is the surprising data I found on the lists.  On the USA Today list, which consists of 150 books, I found no less than 18 books that were self-published! I think that’s outstanding!

12 percent of the bestselling books are self-published. Many of them were   high on the list!

The New York Times list under the Combined Ebook and Print Fiction is a list of only 25 books. 3 of them were self-published. Again 12%

The New York Time list under Ebook Fiction is also a list of 25 books. 5 were self-published. Hello!  That’s 20%!!!!!!!!

Depositphotos_10486184_originalsmAnd that ROCKS!

Today the numbers are different…they must change on Friday and there were only 4 on that last list today…but one of them made it to #6 the first week out of the gate!

I’d say this a great time to be self-published!

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ALL of the Cactus Creek Cowboys #erotica

Now they are ALL here -in order – in three Boxed Sets!

cactuscreekcowboysbundle3DVolume One 99¢

Starting Over

Damaged Goods

In Vegas

Too Many Bridescactuscreekcowboysbundle2-3D



Volume Two $1.79

Out of Control

Twin Trouble:

Zandra’s Story

Zoe’s Story

cactuscreekcowboysbundle3boxset1Volume Three $2.99

Dirty Little Secret

Count on Three

Top Cowboy

Trailer Trash



Another Cactus Creek Cowboy story can be found in the 13 Author Anthology Unconditional Surrender.  It the 4th story, entitled STORM OUT and can be pre-order at the limited time price of 99¢

Sept. 18, 2014 Bestseller list! MilitaryBundle_3Dboxset1




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Update on The Bestseller Lists for Self-Published Authors #Self-Publish #Success


The post at the bottom was written over a year ago. Please take a few minutes to read the stats from Aug 26,2013.

I was so excited by them at the time! I was getting ready to self-publish! And I did by the end of the year.

By the following year I had several best sellers on the Amazon lists… I had two boxed sets that stayed best sellers for over 7 months. I have book coming out now that is an anthology of 13 authors that has been available for several weeks and on Amazon’s best seller’s lists.

It’s my fondest hope that this wonderful boxed set will make the USA Today’s Bestseller lists. However, as I looked over the list last week, I only found 3 books on the list that were Published via (Kindle Direct Publishing). Today, there was only ONE! A little over a year ago there were 22!  How is this possible if indeed there are so many new self-pubbed books being released. The prices for the bestsellers are in some cases astronomical! The single Published via (Kindle Direct Publishing) was a 99 cent book. So my question is…has this list shifted from the number of books sold to the dollars generated by the books sold?

Anyone care to hazard a guess?

The 8/26/2013 post:

This is the forth time I’ve looked up both New York Times and USA Today’s Bestseller lists to see who has self-published and made the lists.  The New York Times had 3 authors out of 25 on the Combined Print and eBook list.  12%!

There were 4 out of 25 on eBook Only list for 16%!

And now to talk about the USA Today Bestseller List…albeit, I don’t look at the list weekly…this week ROCKED!  There were 22 out of 150.  Just shy of 15%!

The new problem with the USA Today list was that they’ve reformatted the site and I literally had to look at each book unless I already recognized it from the NYTimes list as self-published. If there is some logical reason for this new formatting, it alludes me. Why can’t there be a direct link to self-published books too?  Is the reasoning sinister or is it difficult to add the blurbs and purchase information to self-published books?

From past posts:


A Good Time To Be Self-Published? #USATODAYbestseller #NYTimesBestseller



Is this Week a Good Time To Be Self-Published? #USATODAYbestseller #NYTimesBestseller





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SMEXY FIVE is Here Contemporary Erotic Comedies #fun sex

FiveContemporaryComediesBoxSetPlaying Doctor

In this contemporary comedy, Tina’s day goes from record breaking lows to orgasmic highs after her five year romance comes to a crashing end. What would it hurt to drown her sorrows in the arms of handsome repairman?

Becoming a doctor is the only thing Paul’s wacky family hasn’t affected…much. But he’s never known his tea-leaf-reading mother to be wrong. When he goes undercover to meet the woman she insists is his soul mate, he finds the time of his life!

A gypsy’s monkey, a missing handcuff key, and a family who are all more than a little unusual becomes a hot sexy adventure…

Take Her Slow

In the big city apartments, people watch each other…they just do. Binoculars?Telescopes? Take your pick. Pete Fusconi’s just reward for being a damned lousy friend plays out in front of his peeping eyes when he sees beautiful Misty Wilson clutching a pill bottle in her hand. Should he try to save her or is he just being paranoid.

Misty’s inhibited world just flipped upside down. She’s about to go from watcher to participant. When Pete Fusconi does a striptease on the balcony of a near-by high-rise, she can’t look away. Who could? When she learns he’d performed for her and wants her to reciprocate, will she resist? She can either wallow in her status quo or free-fall into the most exciting experience of her life!

 The Virginia Model-Logues


What good is a famous runway model with a broken leg? When Virginia (Gina) Newman is offered a job modeling body parts, she takes the plunge. It’s either that or confess to her well-to-do family she’s broke. Later, when her parts are about to go public with her picture plastered on the box—er…packaging—she enlists her brother’s litigious talents to sue the sex toy manufacturer. Just when Gina thinks it can’t get any worse, she comes face-to-face with the lawyer representing her foe…MR. RIGHT, the man who didn’t call her after the best night of sex she’d ever experienced.

When lawyer Sam Collier heard Gina posed for his stepbrother’s company, he had no choice. Despite the death blow she’d delivered to his heart, he had to find a way to come to her rescue. Maybe then the up-town girl would finally see how a guy from the other side of the river can deliver…

In Paradise

Di (Paradise) Stowe experiences rapture at thirty-thousand feet in the arms of a famous author. Her vacation in paradise gets even better when her author agrees to make it a sexual fantasy with no strings attached. Her dull academic life just took a drastic turn for the better. It’s so good she wonders if she’ll be able to return to her old boring existence…until disaster strikes!

Bestselling Author, Jake Forman is falling head over heels for his new neighbor, until her discovers she’s a pawn in the hands of his evil nemesis. He’s ready to give up on her, but his heart says otherwise. Will he be man enough to forgive old wrongs for a woman he’s just met?

Play With Me

After seven years, blues violinist, Ian Swift questioned if he’d ever get over the one who got away. Jade Thiele took a shy nerd to the stars, showing him what it meant to be a man. He still wants her, only now there’s nothing nerdy about him.

Ian decides to show Jade Thiele everything she’s been missing.
Jade thinks she’s content with her life until Ian gives her a repeat performance that rocks her orderly world. Yet, despite Ian’s expert persuasion, she doesn’t believe they have a future.


Purchased separately these books are $5bucks…in a box set you get them for $2.99

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